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The Eastman Company is legally known as G2MZ, L.L.C., dba The Eastman Company.  The company is a Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.).  There are currently seven appraisers:

Rick Mellen, MAI (Certified General Classification)
Donald K. Melton,
Associate Member, Appraisal Institute (Certified General Classification)
Paul Zemtseff,
Associate Member, Appraisal Institute (Certified General Classification) 
Kevin J. Congleton,
Associate Member, Appraisal Institute (Certified General Classification)

Associate appraisers:
Carl Bolstad (Certified General Classification)
Mitch Vander Broek
Holly Williams

Employee:  Janette Wessman, Office Manager.

Services Provided

The Eastman Company has been performing real estate appraisal, review and consultation services on all types of properties since 1968.  Property types appraised and reviewed include commercial, industrial, vacant land, special purpose, sensitive area, easements and multi-family uses.  Extensive appraisals, right-of-way Before/After appraisals, and reviews have been performed for assessment, mortgage, estate, purchase and condemnation (right-of-way and easement) purposes.  Properties appraised are generally located within Western Washington, typically throughout the Puget Sound and Seattle Metropolitan (Tri-County) area.  

Commercial Real Estate
925 N 130th St, Seattle, WA
(206) 363-6611